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The Foundation's Fall Gala Event will be held on November 5 at the CRC.

More information and tickets will be available shortly. 


Canola Farmers

Canola Farmers

The deadline for submission to Monsanto for support to the Foundation is Sept 30!

The Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation is eligible to receive a $2,500 grant from the Monsanto Fund. You can support the VCHWF by simply completing the online nomination form. Please keep in mind that, as a result of the support from Vulcan County and the Town of Vulcan, this amount triples in value!

Here is the web site where you can apply:

Fundraising Update

Did You Know?

Every dollar that you donate will be matched by both the Town of Vulcan and Vulcan County.

In other words, your $1.00 donation automatically becomes a $3.00 donation!

Currently, the Foundation has raised just over $750,000.

This translates into approximately $2.25 million when you include the contributions from the Town and County.